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Heaven's Scribe Media                

Step into the writing world of Michelle De Leon

From A Couple of Forevers -

“Groupies, cheerleaders, media chicks…You’ve got them coming at you from all angles I’m sure. But we go way back. You’d think you’d show me some preference.”


“Preference? Monelle, this is your birthday party so I’m not going to get into all that. I just want you to chill. That’s all.”


“I will for now. But can I get at least one slow dance since you ditched me?”


Ethan didn’t like the ‘for now’ part. He knew they were going to talk about this again. However, he didn’t want to make a scene so he agreed to one dance. As she lead him to the middle of the dance floor, the deejay started to spin one of his favorite old school slow jams; Quincy Jones’ The Secret Garden.


Monelle threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her face. She smelled delicious. Her curves were dangerous. But the lyrics took him to another space.

I wanna read your mind


Know your deepest feelings


I wanna make it right for you


Baby, show me, let me


Share the mystery, ohh


Come on, come on


Come on, come on


Listen to your heart tonight

            Ethan found himself thinking about Bria Coppock. They’d fallen into a light and easy way of flirting. He enjoyed the subtlety. He wanted to get to know her. Sure, he’d read things about her in a magazine and seen her in a couple television interviews, but just being in her presence ignited a curiosity about Bria. 

She didn’t do makeup; she didn’t need it. She wasn’t very tall, but she carried herself with such humility and confidence that she appeared to have more height. He didn’t want to compare her to Monelle, but honestly he felt Bria had more class and he’d only seen her in a work environment. Ethan kept his circle tight. He hoped he and Bria connected so he could bring her in.