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Step into the writing world of Michelle De Leon

A diverse superhero series, this is a snippet of Camylyon:


“We will take the child to safety and then double back to get you.”

            Gabrie nodded and took off running.  This time she used her strength and agility to the max.  Without Colby to slow her down, she was able to get back to the mansion quickly.  She entered the house through a side door.  She could hear raised voices to her left.  She slid across the wall without making a sound. 

            Maximo Guerra had Luz by her hair and was about the strike her when Gabrie pounced. 

            The dictator was knocked off balance.  Luz broke away from his grip and ran to her mother’s side.  Cursing as he fell, Guerra ordered his men to attack.

            Gabrie stunned the first man with a roundhouse kick.  The others overcame their shock quickly and sprung into action.  One rather stout thug tried to attack her low, but she jumped high in the air and dodged contact.  Another man came at her with a club.  She ducked and grabbed his weapon in one smooth motion.  With one blow, the man fell unconscious at her feet.  The others hesitated.

            “What are you waiting for?  She’s just a woman!”

            Guerra’s barking urged the men on.  Two tried to double team her, but paid dearly for it with multiple slaps and punches to their faces.  They moaned as they fell to their knees.

            “Enough of this nonsense.” Guerra shot his gun into the air. “I don’t know who you are, but you are a dead puta.” 

            Unfazed, Gabrie charged at Guerra before he could lower his piece.  He struggled against her, but she beat the tyrant down until he was a bloody mess.  The others were still woozy so Gabrie took the opportunity to rush the women out of harm’s way.

            They ran through the living room and out the front door.  EAB agents moved in as soon as the trio cleared the front patio. 

            “Are you ladies, okay?” Gabrie asked as she hurriedly checked them for injuries.

            “We are fine thanks to you, mija.  Muchas gracias!”

            “My pleasure.”

            Commander One approached them.  “If you ladies will follow me, I will take you into town where you can get yourselves together.  No one will bother you again.”

            “Sir, Ana was kind enough to give me all kinds of information regarding Guerra’s operation.  He has more hidden in this monstrosity he calls a house than we thought.  Come, let me show you.”

            Ana and Luz said goodbye to Gabrie before climbing into the jeep that awaited them.

            “Brainstorm will be very proud of his wife.”  The leader said as he patted his agent on the back.

            Gabrie smiled as she heard her husband’s code name.  She couldn’t wait to get back to Rakota.  However, first things first.  “Thank you, sir.  Now follow me into the lion’s den so we can get what we came here for.”