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Atlanta Detective Dane Briggs was immediately tense when he received a call from his former lover, Aracely Velez.  From prison. She was not the gorgeous model/dancer she had pretended to be.   She was actually a contract killer down with the crew who'd shot his best friend and partner.  

Aracely had gotten word from her people back in Jersey that her younger sister, Corazon, was being targeted by some unsavory characters looking to get revenge against her and her father.  She explained her mother and Corazon had never been part of their deadly lifestyle.  She didn't want her harmed because of them and she knew Dane was the only one she could trust.

His partner, Ethan, thought he was a little crazy, but Dane couldn't stand by and let another person possibly lose their life because of the woman he never got the chance to love.

However, little sis was not thrilled to hear from him.  Corazon had spent a lifetime distancing herself and she didn't believe anyone would come after her.  She'd built a successful career as a tattoo artist and  was enjoying her world hidden away on the Shore.

She couldn't have been more wrong.  Scared, Cori decided maybe she could use a savior.  Dane doesn't hesitate to fly north, but they're up against more than he anticipated. Surprise criminals, craziness and a strong attraction that may be more dangerous than the element surrounding them.

To protect and serve her heart is his new line of duty.