Simon & Schuster Classics Simon & Schuster Classics Missed Conceptions This page-turning contemporary romance introduces a smart and savvy heroine whom readers will cheer on as she struggles to find meaning and fulfillment along the rocky road to happiness...and discovers that love can thrive in the most unexpected places. In Missed Conceptions, Michelle De Leon tells a poignant and captivating tale of love, friendship, and what it means to be a parent. The owner of a successful café in Harlem, Shanneen Ross has attained one of her two life objectives. Now she's ready for a meaningful relationship, and a change of scenery sounds like the perfect plan. In Atlanta to help her cousin open a café of her own, Shanneen meets an attractive ex-marine named Jeroi Black. When their whirlwind affair results in pregnancy, Shanneen is delighted. Especially when Jeroi pops the question. Now all that's left is to meet Shanneen's family. But a disturbing revelation awaits them both at her uncle Solomon's house. Shanneen returns to New York, where she meets Sebastian Lew, a gifted artist who is about to become a father. When tragedy frees Sebastian from an unhealthy relationship, he and Shanneen try to make a go of it in the face of daunting obstacles. But Jeroi is waiting in the shadows, ready to destroy Shanneen's hard-won happiness. It will take courage, faith, and a lot of love for Shanneen and Sebastian to overcome the odds in this moving, sensual, and always surprising story of what it really takes to build a family. 188369157 Once Upon a Family Tree The author of Love to the Third returns with a novel about two couples searching for love and lasting connections against the constantly shifting backdrop of the modern urban family. Michelle De Leon brings her unique storytelling talents to this immensely entertaining tale of family, friendship, love, and relationships that are just a little more unconventional than most. Seventeen-year-old Yolara has grown up surrounded by a close, supportive network of friends and family in the neighborhood. She's the love child of Caridad Flores (who's also Yolie's best pal) and Meshach Burkette, and she has a wild half-sister named Egypt. To complicate things further, Yolie has a powerful crush on Kaliq Nichols, Caridad's one-time lover. Then there's Meshach, who is still in love with Caridad. Every day brings a new drama to this singular extended family. Featuring characters who groove to the beat of their own drums and filled with catchy, authentic dialogue and fast-paced action, Once Upon a Family Tree is a novel about community, the unique challenges facing today's intricate families, and the love that keeps them together. 188369158 Caramel Flava Zane, the queen of erotic fiction and publisher of Strebor Books, an imprint of Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, presents the second in a series of collections of great erotic fiction. Based on the Featured Erotica section of her website,, which gets more than three million hits a year from around the world, these sensual tales, handpicked by Zane, are sure to please her fans. These stories are written specifically with both African-American and Latino readers in mind, but they are for all people because as Zane always states: "Sensuality is universal." Among the contributors are names already familiar to readers of erotica, such as Tracee A. Hanna, Teresa Lamai, Michelle De Leon, Naleighna Kai, William Fredrick Cooper, and, of course, Zane -- as well as emerging voices, such as Pat Tucker, James W. Lewis, and Nikki Sinclair 188369159 Love to the Third (and other triangles) Three hip, sexy, wonderfully wise novellas about the search for happiness and fulfillment that celebrate love in all its exotic, wildly diverse forms. What makes a relationship unique? This sensual trio of short novels explores new love, rekindled love, rejected love, and what happens when you love two people at the same time. Husbands, wives, former spouses, old lovers, new lovers, and identical twins populate these tales of passion, deception, betrayal, and second chances. In the title story, just-turned thirty Kamryn Woods is caught in an unusual three-way relationship with her sexy ex-husband and his college sweetheart, who happens to also be his first wife. Hearts Wide Open centers on a pair of twin brothers who discover where their true feelings lie when they become romantically entangled with four different women. And Leilani Song tells the story of a woman torn between the powerful, charismatic man who has given her the world and a man who has only one thing to offer her: a love that makes no demands. Crackling with wit, humor, and the rhythms of an intoxicating urban rap, and filled with keen insight into modern relationships, these are provocative and seductive stories of contemporary men and women on the move and in search of the love they so richly deserve. 188369160