Currently Availlable in Trade Paperback and on Kindle Currently Availlable in Trade Paperback and on Kindle A Couple of Forevers Ethan Aragon is an Atlanta Detective whose latest case involves an unpleasant reminder from his past; Jerrae Gates.  His wife, Bria, assures him that the past can't touch them, but while solving another homicide, Aragon is nearly killed. While unconscious, he lives memories from an alternate history.  A super star rookie with the New York Giants, he meets Bria Coppock an up and coming television writer/creator.  As their relationship grows stronger, scandal and crime overturns everything. Again.   Both worlds are connected in a way they would have never imagined. 203470701 Camylyon Episode One Gabrie Jordane and Rakota Toyin are partners in life and partners against crime. In the premier episodes of Camylyon, an investigation of a Bolivian arms dealer leads to the discovery of a dangerous female drug manufacturer and trouble with the Chinese mafia. The couple and their Extraordinary Abilities Bureau take the fight all the way to Dubai for an epic battle which is only the beginning. A diverse super hero series - Nuff Said Publishing 203470700 Missed Conceptions Anniversary Edition Missed Conceptions is back! And available as an ebook for the very first time. Check it out on Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Kobo. 203507857 We Never Danced to a Love Psalm Wade Searcy is no longer attracted to his beautiful plus size bride, Mahalia. A strong woman raised by leaders of the church, Mahalia stands in the gap for her marriage. Not an easy feat when her husband's cousin, Dana lets her know he's willing to respectfully wait for her as God grooms him to be her true husband. Mahalia's brother, Caleb Bettis, is also struggling through his budding gospel career and a recurring relationship with Ariadne Stiles, an atheist who is the love of his life. And Dana, praying for a new life contemplates the strained ties between him and his mother, Kisandra Searcy. How can he break those ties as his mother's freedom is threatened due to an affair with her underaged student? Filled with love, tragedy, hope and inspiraton, We Never Danced to a Love Psalm is a family saga that will never be forgotten. 188367674 Broken Bands of Gold: The Stage Play Full-length play script. Based on the book "Broken Bands of Gold," The Stage Play depicts the lives of six families in various stages of standing for marriage restoration. The book is an Inspirational guide which explains why God says marriage is holy; how to stand with Jesus in the gap as you work and wait in faith for restoration and how to consult the Holy Spirit in order to keep your marriage intact once restoration has manifested. Simple scenes with a powerful impact, the stage production is a great ministry tool and a creative way of sharing the testimonies of millions of couples worldwide. It was a joy to create both the inspirational book Broken Bands of Gold- Restoring the Covenant, and the play. So many standers, myself included, can personally relate to some or all of what these couples are going through and the stage is a perfect place to tell these types of stories. It is a production meant to educate, encourage and entertain. May it bless everyone! This play is dedicated to the countless men and women who have the courage to believe in our God at all costs. Your stand is not in vain. Victory is yours! 188367676 Evangie's Fortune Evangelique is a shy, quiet fourteen year old girl who has spent her entire life in and out of foster homes. Awkward and unattractive, she doesn?t believe she?ll ever be part of a real family, especially since her own mother left her in the chapel of St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx at birth. She is sent to live with Gwen and Kendalyn Tripp; a loving mother and daughter who immediately take to Evangelique. They hope to bring the girl out of her shell and encourage her love of writing. Kendalyn is a member of a hip hop gospel group and is anxious for her new foster sister to participate. In another attempt to make her feel welcomed, Gwen, a weekly Lotto player, invites Evangelique to take a turn picking numbers. Remarkably, her foster daughter chooses the winning numbers. The jackpot is 3.3 million dollars! Their story becomes a huge media event and catches the attention of someone from Evangie?s past. Will her questions finally be answered or will her new life be turned upside down? 188367677 We Never Danced to a Love Psalm Now available on Nook and iBooks! 203523198 Camylyon: The Complete Saga All three episodes in one edition! Episode three features the introduction of Wyldfire and Hail aka Hailfire. 205756436 Love's Taken OVer Emerson Isles has come a long way in a short time and is now one of television's highest paid actresses. Loved by her fans and the industry, Emerson was enjoying her success until a "friend" from her past threatens to expose a secret they share. Determined to protect the innocent, Emerson didn't expect to fall for stuntman Jacobi Janssen along the way. A good man who had no idea how their worlds really connected. A delay is never a denial when love has twice the joy in store for you. 205756437 Protecting Mi Corazon Atlanta Detective Dane Briggs was immediately tense when he received a call from his former lover, Aracely Velez. From prison. She was not the gorgeous model/dancer she had pretended to be. She was actually a contract killer down with the crew who'd shot his best friend and partner. Aracely had gotten word from her people back in Jersey that her younger sister, Corazon, was being targeted by some unsavory characters looking to get revenge against her and her father. She explained her mother and Corazon had never been part of their deadly lifestyle. She didn't want her harmed because of them and she knew Dane was the only one she could trust. His partner, Ethan, thought he was a little crazy, but Dane couldn't stand by and let another person possibly lose their life because of the woman he never got the chance to love. However, little sis was not thrilled to hear from him. Corazon had spent a lifetime distancing herself and she didn't believe anyone would come after her. She'd built a successful career as a tattoo artist and was enjoying her world hidden away on the Shore. She couldn't have been more wrong. Scared, Cori decided maybe she could use a savior. Dane doesn't hesitate to fly north, but they're up against more than he anticipated. Surprise criminals, craziness and a strong attraction that may be more dangerous than the element surrounding them. To protect and serve her heart is his new line of duty. 205756438 Broken Bands of Gold: Restoring the Covenant Broken Bands of Gold: Restoring the Covenant uses scriptures and personal experience to reassure spouses who want to fight for their marriages that it's a battle that belongs to an unbeatable God. All they're required to bring to the fight is faith. Broken Bands discusses why God says marriage is holy; how to stand with Jesus for the restoration of your marriage and how to rely on the Holy Spirit to help keep your marriage once you've overcome by the power of your testimony. 205756440